We have only one life and a limited time here, on the earth. So we should take advantage of it in the best possible way. What we do then? We educate to have the best jobs, to earn the most.

People have their standards to estimate whether somebody’s life is valuable or not. Sometimes people judge lives of other people as wasted chances. I wonder if God uses the same categories?

Let`s look then at life of Moses. The beginning of his life was very dramatic. In fact he ought to die like many other Hebrew boys in those times, according to a decree of Pharaoh. But a miracle happened and the boy was rescued.

Not only was he kept alive but in this whole misfortune he got to the best possible house in Egypt. It was a house of Pharaoh’s daughter.

An excellent opportunity appeared to gain the best possible education.

And of course the possibility to make a political career in the future and on a very high level.

Did Moses use his life chance?

What happened in his life would be named by many today as a wasted chance.

Moses decides to serve God. He goes to his own people and in order to defend a wronged Hebrew he kills an Egyptian. By doing it he wanted to show them he is with them, and he wants to lead them and help in their affliction.

However his deed wasn`t reciprocated. Moses was rejected. He who bet his whole career life on one card and everything related with money, fame and success, was treated by be his own people in a disgusting way.

He had to flee. A man with a great talent to lead people, with the best education, found himself…in the wilderness and began to graze sheep.

At this moment someone can tell that he wasted his life. He just could achieve so much. And now what, sheep and cattle? It’s like finding yourself a job in London washing up dishes in a restaurant having received the best education.

Nobody hears about him for 40 years. This is a period of time when Israel needed to understand that their rejection of Moses leads them to even bigger enslavery by Egypt. Earlier they just didn`t see a relation between these two matters.

When they finally find themselves at the bottom of affliction and humiliation, they began to cry to God and He hears their calling. He sends them the saviour,… and it is Moses. Yes, the same one, they have rejected previously.

Then it turns out that his education and nurture are useful to something more important than making a career in Egypt. He became one who organized 12 tribes of Israel in the nation; he gave them the Law he received from Jehovah.

But no one has seen that before; except for Jehovah.

We can refer this to the situation in Poland. God won`t send other leaders than He has already brought, who have just been rejected. Now He will wait until pressure comes so that people start groaning and crying to God for release. It will mean they are ready for admitting His mission and His servants.

How many “Moses” stay today in the wilderness? With such gifts and talents and yet they don`t make a career in the world. They wait for their time, and Jehovah prepares them to the task, He has for them in the last days.

How many “Moses” did reject God’s calling and they live like the world. God will make His will by those who are obedient to Him. But in the meantime, many will lose their reward, and some also salvation.