Calendar of Jehovah

Biblical calendar
Gregorian calendar
Jubilee Year
New Moon
1st day of the 7th month29 September
Dates of feasts:
Feast of Trumpetes
1 Etanim 601929 September 2019-30 September 2019
Atonement Day
10 Etanim 6019 08 October 2019
15 – 21 Etanim 601913 October-21 October 2019
14 Awiw 601920 April 2019
Feast of Unleavened Bread
15 Awiw 601921-28 April 2019
Feast of Weeks
3rd month 601915 June 2019
25th day of 9 month 6017~3-11 Dec. 2018
14th day of 12 month 6018~2 Mart 2018


Most people in the world today use the solar calendar but God who created heaven and earth uses only the lunisolar calendar. Whatever Jehovah does, He always makes it according to His calendar!
Both Jewish (rabbinic) and Gregorian calendars are different than the Biblical one. The Biblical day is counted from the evening, so feasts in the Gregorian calendar begin in the evening of the previous day.

Dates of the feasts can be given only when we know the date of the new moon in the Gregorian calendar, which always shows the first day of the new month in the Biblical calendar, and when we know if the barley that grows in Israel is mature enough ( if not, then we need to add the 13 month). The precise date of the feasts depends on the date of the new moon, so certain dates of the feasts are given approximately.

The Jewish feasts are not the feasts Moses ordered us to observe. These are the feasts that remind us of the events from the history of Judah-the Jews when the Northern Kingdom-ten tribes lived in dispersion for a long time.

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