Concordat introduced in Poland- illegally

Religion introduced to schools- illegally

Cross hang in the Parliamentary hall- at night- illegally

Financial benefits achieved by the Roman Church in Poland- illegally

Jesus Christ judged at night by religious hypocrites- illegally

Who does really teach the Polish people squabble and anarchy??? For centuries?

Constitutional Court?

For people with distorted mentality, produced by teaching and action of the Roman Church, verdicts of the Constitutional Court are not a problem. According to them something is lawful only when they consider it to be. If the law speaks differently, it`s worse for the law.

Besides, what for is the Constitutional Court if they have their own “Messiah”. He just knows better.

What happens now is not a madness. It is a spiritual phenomenon. It names the spirit of antyChrist or anty Messiah. The apostle John warned us that in the last days many people will arise in such a spirit.

For centuries the Roman Church, and to be honest, other Churches too, change the Law of God, playing the God Almighty.

Change of the Sabbath day to Sunday- day of sun god- illegally

Change of the Feasts of Jehovah, that Jesus kept to pagan feasts- illegally

Change of the House of Israel to Universal Church-or Roman- Catholic- illegally

Permission to worship other gods by people- Mary, saints, statues and pictures- illegally

Just to list only a few most important changes. Unconvinced are suggested to study the Word of God by themselves. There and only there, the whole Law of God is written.

The Law that Moses received, which the second Moses, Jesus Christ- the Messiah confirmed by its thorough observance. Not only did He affirm it by His life. He also said that He didn`t come to change the Law. He didn`t come to add or to remove the commandments- but to fulfill them!

Congratulations for everyone who regards himself to be wiser than Jesus and thinks he can change the Law as he pleases.

This is exactly how the spirit of anty Messiah operates. It is a spirit contrary to the Law of God. The man with such a spirit pretends to be godly, but his deeds which are incompatible with the Law, just deny this.

In the last days many people will be deceived exactly in this way. They will seek wonders, charisma of political and religious leaders.

And they won`t recognize anty Messiah.

This man, son doomed to destruction as the Bible says and people with the same spirit on them distinguish themselves by not observing the Law of God.

Our task as true children of God is fulfilling the whole Law. It is the task for all who believe in Him. This is the Way we have to follow.

If we keep the Law, we are blessed. If not, we enter under curse.

It refers also to the whole societies. Nation that doesn`t observe either the Law of God or its own law, will not stay happy for a long time.

And finally,one more thing. Lawlessness cannot be destroyed with even more lawlessness. Lawlessness must be destroyed with- the law! Jesus acted like this on the earth. God could have made an order on the earth quickly and…illegally. Instead of that He sent His son who dealt according to the Law.

It cost Him His own life but thus he showed every unbeliever that He didn`t do it for His egoistic purposes, but for others.

I dedicate this to every politician of different options and their followers who scream about the Constitution only when it suits them.

3 December 2015