☝️ Rome is the last kingdom from the prophecy of Daniel, which will collapse just before the Kingdom of God is established on earth.

☝️ Judea was under Roman rule at the time of Jeshua. Most Judeans hated the Romans and dreamed of the coming of the Messiah who would deliver them from Roman dominance.

☝️ Jeshua was betrayed to Rome by his brothers, who were jealous of His success in ministry, and were furious that He changed the doctrines of their denomination, teaching and doing only what Moses said in the written word, describing the religious hypocrites as a tribe of vipers, and was sentenced to death by a Roman official without reason.

☝️ Jeshua was treated as a criminal by the racist Roman soldiers. Today it would be the police, who beat and mocked him and made fun of Him. He was crucified and hanged between two criminals.

☝️ Jeshua was killed in the Roman manner with Roman nails.

☝️ The grave of Jeshua was guarded by Roman soldiers.

☝️ In the first centuries A.D., Rome persecuted both Judeans and the assemblies of those Israelites who believed in Jeshua

☝️ Eventually, Rome, together with backsliding Israelites, established a church. That stopped the persecutions but since then, those who were once the persecuted now became the persecutors

☝️ The Roman church, throughout its history has been destroying Hebrew roots and the identity of believers.

☝️ It burned both Hebrew manuscripts of the Torah??? and Hebrew manuscripts of the Gospels.

☝️ The Roman church and Protestant churches, throughout history, persecuted people who held beliefs different to theirs.

☝️ A man will emerge from the Roman world, who will be regarded as the Messiah by many Jews and Christians. Many will realise their deception, just as he sits in the Temple claiming to be God!

☝️ Jeshua, by His second coming, will destroy this man and his kingdom.

☝️ In the Millenium Kingdom there will be no churches. Only the 12 tribes of Israel. There will be no church feasts. Only the feasts of Jehovah.

6th of April 2023