My name is Sylvester and I`m 40 years old, and behind me very sinful and dishonest life with two stays in prison as a result. In my whole life I have only listened to the evil teachers.

As a child I used to pray, but in the adult age I didn`t do it any longer. When I was at large I lived as everyone like me- from day to day with no worries. I thought only about myself, to have something to eat, to clothe well, spend nice time at alcoholic parties.

Since I remember in my family, my father was an alcoholic, my mother-an abstinent. There was plenty of cry, weeping and blaming in my home. I have never experienced a support from my father, so I was brought up in the street. I was sentenced for the first time at the age of 18 for theft and fights.

I have done a lot of evil to innocent people. Many wept. My life was empty, with no sense. Finally I decided to end up. When I was in hospital after unsuccessful trial, I was reflecting over my life, that God existed and He loved me and didn`t want me to die in such a young age.

Unfortunately, when I was dismissed from hospital, everything began again: alcohol, girls, theft, and lies. It lasted until April 2000. Then I was put again to jail in Plock. Anger, dissatisfaction, longing took control over me. Gray and monotonous days were long and didn`t give joy.

One day someone proposed me to buy the Bible, and because I didn`t smoke and I had a few packs of cigarettes on sale, I decided to buy it. The price was quite enticing. I stayed in bed in a prison cell. I started to think about God again, and that I felt very bad, I was alone, unwanted. Tears ran down my cheeks. I felt a deep grief in my heart.

But a thought appeared suddenly, that I am not alone, God loves me. Then I began to seek Him…

After two years of sentence I was transferred to the Penitentiary in Włodawa. After a while I heard that Christian meetings took place there. I wanted to participate very much. Something or someone prompted me to go there. I didn`t know what to expect. I hoped to receive the answer for bothering questions concerning my life and I got them soon.

A lot of, if not all, I owe to people arriving there to support us and preach the Word of God. Here, in jail I received Jesus to my heart!

I prayed my own words-I just didn`t realize I was able yet. I asked God to change my life, I haven`t wanted to live as before. I prayed with all my heart, asking Him to fill me with His love so that I could love others.


I felt a great power. It seemed I was so light as if I didn’t have body, and then I felt peace of God in my heart. I understood I was no longer alone. God didn’t leave me alone with my problems, He is still with me.

He is my close friend. He is the only one in the world who really understands me. He doesn`t agree with my choices all the time, but He honors my freedom. What happens now in my life is a work of God.

Knowing the Word of God closer, I have renewed my life and I have changed my previous attitude towards people. I have become a different man since I met Jesus. In prison I have found what I had sought for the whole life.

I read the Bible every day, and get to know Jesus Christ by it and I experience His love. I began to love my father and forgive him that he didn`t give me love and help. Sometimes evil thoughts come on me and I have moments of collapse. Then the words of Christ help me: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”, Mt. 16:24.

I am very happy I got to know Jesus in jail, where evil and violence are first. I started to go the way the Lord indicates me and I want to endure to the end. Amen!


Let God bless you all, Sylvester.


There was no hope in my previous life, but now I know that the higher power, God, exists, who showed me the way to better and fruitful life…

I was born from God through Jesus and it happened among you, so I feel close related with you, and I thank God that He opens the door of prisons before you, so that you can serve people whose hearts seek God, although they live in sin yet.

Doctors examined HIV in my blood, but since I received Jesus, I don`t feel ill and I believe that He carried all my diseases and sufferings on the cross, and His blood healed me.

I thank Jesus for His sacrifice for us so that we can be purified from sin. I don`t understand it enough with my mind, but my spirit goes crazy with happiness!




I could start my testimony from memories of early childhood and list one after another transformations in my life which took place both with and without my knowledge. But it isn`t so important now.

The most important change written in my heart is my reconciliation with God. Until recently, I thought something like that would never happen, but a coincidence or maybe God Himself, made me come to the meeting of the Christian Church and praise be to Jesus for it! Amen!

In the beginning I thought, just an ordinarily meeting, but when I received Jesus as my Savior and understood that since now I have become a child of God. I was seeking a way leading to God for all the years in freedom and in jail. Finally, I have found it and now I am happy, despite my stay in prison.

Fortunately, happiness, but what happened on 20 June 2001 can be only named the new birth. Someone could ask- how is it, you cannot be born again? – But I say-yes, you can!

I have also received the Holy Spirit. The new birth and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit changed my life literally and in every detail! Many unclear cases became understandable. When I pray in tongues I feel like God prays through me, not I. Although previously it could seem funny to me, but now through the filling with the Holy Spirit I have begun to think more positively about life, life in community with God. I became a new man.

Though others look at me with wonder now, I don`t care about it. Once, I would surely smashed one or another, but today with Jesus in my heart I forgive them all and let God bless them because they don`t know what they do.

The next matter are the meetings, where people, sick with HIV come, I have never met before. There was a fear always, a heavy barrier. Today, through Jesus they are all my friends and I respect them because they didn`t isolate themselves and come to our meetings.

And I?

I became more kind and polite. I have understood that giving is more beautiful than taking. Since Jesus have abode in my heart I cannot wait until Thursday. The new thing for me is that worship can be both by prayer in tongues and by music also. It isn`t important who is an instrumentalist or a singer, but that everything comes from the heart where Jesus lives. Worship can be performed in many different ways, but with love and joy and without imitation of someone.

And I?

I have become more humble. I don`t resist guards, who sometimes want to treat me nastily, anymore. Let God bless them and their families. Once I have read words that God is the excellent. I refer these words to my life. I mean I had a grudge against God, that He left me alone when it was difficult. When we were going together, there were always two traces on the earth, but in the heaviest times there was only one trace. I thought God left me alone. Of course it wasn`t true. God loved me and always loves me and when there was only one trace on the ground, He has just carried me on His shoulders.

And I?

I want to leave prison as soon as possible with the help of God and make a family, find a job and live with Jesus in my heart. I would like to thank God that I have found the proper way finally and I can meet with wonderful people in Jesus Christ. I thank for opening my eyes to the eternal life. I thank for inner freedom, I thank for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I thank for the mercy of God.

And I?

I ask and desire that God opens the eyes of everyone who walk in the dark and is in the Satan’s slavery to see the only light leading to God through Jesus Christ.
Praise God for everything!



Since I attended the meetings of the Pastor Grażyna Rozwadowska, a lot of things have changed in my life. For example, through the everyday prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ and reading the Bible many problems, I couldn`t manage with, have just gone out. I mean drug addiction, blasphemy, hatred towards people, who were my enemies.

Today I know that nothing is impossible for Jesus. He can everything if you really believe in Him, and enemies ought to be forgiven not seven but seventy seven times and prayed for that they could know the truth and become Christians. I know and I am deeply persuaded that if you want something very much, you need to ask for it in prayers, and it will be given to you in a proper time. You only need to be patient.

God set me free from addictions! I feel well and have serenity. Every day in the morning I thank God that I can live for Him and be useful to something in the Christian meetings.

I want to add also that we live in the end times and it is worthy to think about which way to choose. And there are two ways: good or evil, heaven or hell. If someone wants to be saved he must decide: choose and worship the Lord Jesus Christ who wants the best for us all. He is our salvation!

I love Him because He gave His life for me, for my sins and everything related with it!

Praise Our Lord for everything! Hallelujah!