Jehovah created heaven and earth and He created man.


He gave us His Instructions – the Torah, showing us how to live in a way that is good. This happened at Mount Sinai, when we made a Covenant with Him and we promised to keep His Commandments.


Of course, we haven`t followed these Instructions. Instead of this we have changed them. Our ancestors had been cast out of  the land for not observing the Torah and exiled into the Assyrian captivity. Then Jeshua came and took on our sin of not observing the Torah and the curse associated with it, and He established for us a Way of  Coming Back to the Covenant with Jehovah.


Instead of following the Way He followed – keeping the whole written Torah, we began to change it again, and as a result, new churches and different church denominations emerged, each of them with its own laws or Torahs.


Religious fundamentalism is born when people change God`s Laws and Instructions to their own and begin to impose them on others. It gets even worse when they do it using the institutions of state – Rome.


It was in this way that Jeshua was sentenced to death, and in this way that churches worked and still work – with the support of Rome, they “proclaimed and preached their gospel” with fire and sword.


The only proper response to religious fundamentalism is the keeping of the whole Torah, the Instructions of Jehovah. Jeshua taught us about this. Because only the power of God is greater than power of religious fundamentalism.


Followers of Jeshua ought to follow this Way!!!


Any other way could be a path that leads to some form of fundamentalism.


Problems also arise from the fact that religious Fundamentalists falsely believe that the Kingdom of God is already here on earth! Once they believed it to be in Europe. Now they believe it to be in the USA. And they try to impose on others the laws, they believe to be the laws of the Kingdom, when they are really only the laws of  their own religion.


These people think they serve God, but in fact they only serve their own religion, which has changed the Torah in one way or another. We can all see the fruit of religious fundamentalism with our own eyes.


The answer is repentance and a return to keeping the Instructions Jehovah gave us on Mount Sinai.


This is what the Word of God teaches us!!


28 październik 2020