☝️There is one God and He has one name – This was the difference between the Israelites and the Egyptians who worshipped many gods‼️

☝️I am who I am or El Shaddai are not the names but terms or descriptions of the name.

☝️The name, Grazyna, means Beautiful Princess but people call me by my name and say:


☝️The name of God is used in the Writings of the Old Covenant – Tanakh – almost seven thousand times‼️

☝️Today we know that the name of God was also used in the New Covenant Writings because we have Hebrew manuscripts as a confirmation.

☝️We don’t use vowels in the spelling of the Hebrew language. The name of God was and is written as JHWH. But the question was how to read it.

☝️At some point, due to persecutions, the Rabbis stopped using, and the scribes stopped writing the sounds of the vowels of the name of God in manuscripts.

☝️However, this practice wasn’t always observed. Either a scribe made a mistake and wrote the sound of the name or did it intentionally.

☝️The most important Hebrew codex used by the Jews to this day, when they publish different editions of Tanakh are: the Codex from Allpo, Leningrad, the Damascus crown.

☝️In all these codexes and in other Hebrew manuscripts they actually found over 1,000 places with the name of God written with its pronunciation‼️

☝️The oldest Hebrew manuscripts of Tanakh found in Qumran have small differences in comparison to the Tanakh which we have nowadays‼️ It means the scribes who wrote the Word of God did it very precisely‼️

☝️On the other hand, Greek fragments of manuscripts of the New Covenant Writings, of which we have more then five thousand, are not consistent with each other, even to the extent that we don’t have two pieces exactly the same‼️

☝️Christians do not use the name of God. They translate JHWH as Lord‼️ Lord is one of the names of the Canaanite god, Baal.

☝️The pronunciation Jahwe, used for the first time by the famous German Hebraist, Gesenius, comes from the Samaritan god, Jawe, which was taken by this scholar to be the same god.

☝️The most outstanding Hebraist of the 16th century, Szymon Budny, also used the name Jehovah in his translations of the Bible‼️

☝️Everyone who knows Hebrew will easily read the name of God from the picture as Jehovah‼️ This is written in the Crown of Damsacus‼️


18 April 2023