The House of Israel Polania is the Assembly of Israel. It is an assembly of believers who are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Everything we do and believe is rooted in the Bible only. We left the pagan – Christian system with its calendar and feasts.

We have come back to everything that was practiced in the Assemblies of Israel in the first age and was later changed illegally.

We return to the whole teaching of Yeshua the Messiah – the Prophet about whom Moses prophesied, that when He comes, everyone has to obey Him. The life and teaching of Yeshua, completely compatible with the written Torah of Moses,  is the foundation of our faith.

We identify with the testimony of the Apostle Paul, when he said:

I worship the God of our fathers as a follower of the Way, which they call a sect. I believe everything that agrees with the Law and that is written in the Prophets

— Acts 24:14


It is because of my hope in what God has promised our fathers. This is the promise our twelve tribes are hoping to see fulfilled as they earnestly serve God day and night

— Acts 26:6-7

The Assembly began its activity in February 1997, when, in response to the voice of God, a group of believers started regular Bible School meetings. We were entered in the Register of Churches in December 1997. In February 2016, we officially changed the name of the assembly from the Christian Church New Life to the House of Israel Polania.

We aspire to be continuators of the faith of Abraham, Moses, the prophets of Israel, Yeshua and the apostles, the Assemblies of Israel from the first century, and also of everyone, in the territory of Poland, who was a pioneer of the true belief, not related to Rome and its Church: the Vandals and Goths of the fourth century, the Polish Brethren of the fourteenth century.

Although today we do not fully know or agree with their doctrines, we see in them free people who followed the voice of God wholeheartedly.

We appreciate heritage and we are grateful for all of the women and men, God used over the centuries to bring the Body of the Messiah to the full knowledge of the Word and the will of God and the reform of  inappropriate doctrines.

We are Israelites living today in dispersion among the nations, waiting for the coming of the Messiah, who will gather the whole Israel.

We do not identify with either the Roman Church established in the fourth century as one of the institutions of the Roman Empire or its Protestant branches.

Polania is one of two Hebrew names meaning Poland.

It literally means: Jehovah lives here. And that here, on the territory of Poland, live people over whom God’s name is called, Jehovah.

The House of Israel Polania describes believers who belong to the lost sheep from the House of Israel, who, after the Assyrian captivity, were dispersed and mixed with the nations and are living also in the territory of Poland.

Yeshua, the Messiah, came to find them, save, regather and bring them to the land.

What we believe in

The Bible

These are the books of the Old and Renewed Covenant. It is the one, final and supreme authority we have on the earth. It was written by people inspired by the Holy Spirit. It teaches us about God the Creator and His Creation. It indicates the way to salvation and gives instruction on how to live.

Tanakh are the Old Covenant Scriptures, which are divided into three parts: the Torah, Scriptures and Prophets.

The Torah is the oldest book in the world, that God gave to Israel 3500 years ago under Mount Sinai. It is the first book written in an abstract, nonpictorial alphabet. It is the foundation of our civilization.

Torah means the Instruction. There are instructions containing moral, financial, health and liturgical commandments. If we keep them, Jehovah promises to bless us.

The Prophets are the different prophecies about people, kings, nations, the House of Israel, the House of Judah, the Messiah. Jehovah will not perform anything in the earth if He doesn’t reveal it earlier to the Prophets.

The Scriptures are about the history of Israel, the books of wisdom, the psalms.

The Scriptures of the New Covenant are divided also to the three parts: The Gospels, Letters and Revelation.

The Gospels are about life and 70 weeks of ministry and teaching of Yeshua.

The Letters are the answers to problems with interpretation and understanding of the Torah, written to the different Assemblies of Israel or to individuals.

The Revelation of Yeshua is the book in which John tells us about the fulfilment of the autumn Feasts in the last days.


God is one. The same unchanging, both in the Old and New Covenant. There are no two Gods- the God of law and God of grace.

God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

God is the Creator of earth and heaven. Jehovah is His name revealed to Moses. He is the Father for all who are born again and are justified by faith in the work and person of Yeshua the Messiah.

Yeshua the Messiah, came to the world to reveal and fulfil the will of the Father. He gave His life in sacrifice for the sins of the whole House of Israel and all of mankind. He was crucified and raised again after three days and three nights. He ascended into heaven and is sitting now at the right hand of the Father.

In the time appointed by the Father, He will come back again to the earth and He will govern it as the Jehovah of Hosts. Yeshua is the head of the Assembly of Israel.

The Holy Spirit was sent to the earth after the resurrection of Yeshua during the feast of Shavuot – the feast of Weeks. He is the author of the new birth. He lives in believers. He helps believers to live in holiness – separation of all that is unclean, pagan. He gives power for a victorious life.


He was created in the image and likeness of God. He is a spirit, has a soul, and lives in a body. He is a human being from the mother’s womb. The man is the culmination of the process of creation of heaven and earth. God left all creation under his dominion.


Baptism means immersion.

Water baptism is a part of the process of salvation together with the new birth. An individual who confesses consciously his faith in the person and the work of Yeshua is immersed in water.

It is synonymous with immersion in the death and resurrection of Yeshua. His old nature is buried in water. The person begins a new life in the Messiah.

Baptism in the Spirit is the process whereby the spirit of a believer is immersed and filled with the Holy Spirit. Speaking in new tongues is the sign of receiving this baptism.

This baptism is the way to further manifestations of the Spirit of God. Believers can receive other gifts of the Spirit, such as the word of knowledge, wisdom, healing, prophesying, etc.

Being filled with the Spirit should be repeated in a believer’s life every day.

The Assembly of God’s Israel

The body of the Messiah is a community of born again believers, who by faith in the person and work of Yeshua are grafted into Israel, specifically into one of the twelve tribes of Israel, regardless of whether origin is from the twelve tribes or from the Gentiles.

Jehovah has the Renewed Covenant only with the believing House of Judah – today’s Jews today and with the believing House of Israel – the remaining ten tribes.

Yeshua, the Messiah is the foundation and the head of the Assembly of Israel, the King of the Kingdom of Israel, the Kingdom of God.

The Church

The Church is a religious institution of the Roman Empire established by the Emperor Constantine in the fourth century. In those days, Israelites compromised with Rome, and since then the Gospel is preached with the help of money and the Roman sword.

The Hebrew word kehila and its Greek equivalent ecclesia, orginally meaning the Assembly of Israel in the Bible, began to be translated as church. Hence its presence in the Bible.

There are no prophecies in the scriptures of the Old Covenant about any church.

Protestant churches, though reformed and having doctrines more like the teaching of the Torah than the roman church, are still a structure not found in the Bible.

Common priesthood

Yeshua, the Messiah, is the high priest of our confession according the order of the Melek Tsadik – the King of Righteousness, which is different to how it was in the Old Covenant, when the priesthood belonged to the Levites and sons of Aaron.

Every born-again person, regardless of their gender, is a priest of Jehovah according to this order.

A priest in the Renewed Covenant does not offer sacrifices. The sacrifice of Yeshua on the tree is the only and sufficient sacrifice.

The Lord’s Supper

All believers, being priests, have the right to take part in the Lord’s Supper in two forms – bread and wine.

We are to do this until Yeshua returns. It is a prophetic sign of the Renewed Covenant.


It is a vibrant relationship, communing with the living God. We pray in the name of Yeshua to our Father, Jehovah, who is in heaven.

A beautiful expression of our faith is worshipping God by music – playing instruments, singing and dance. We honour God for who He is.

We do not pray the rosary or pray to dead people, to so called saints or to angles. We do not worship any cult objects, such as statues or pictures.

The Ministry of Men and Women

There are differences and as a result, different roles, between a man and a woman in marriage, which is the union between man and woman.

In Yeshua, the Messiah, in the spirit there are no such differences. A woman, like a man, can serve God leading an Assembly of God or can be used in any other ministry.

After resurrection, when we will receive new bodies, there will be no gender.

The Torah

Yeshua, as the Prophet about whom Moses said that He will come and everyone who will not obey Him will die, taught exactly the same as Moses did. He did not annul or change the Torah – Instruction. He followed it.

However, no one can be saved by observing the Torah alone. We are born again only through faith in what Yeshua did for us. Salvation is the gift given us by God and is only attained by grace through faith.

On the other hand, God gives us the power of His Spirit and the grace to fulfil His Torah – the Commandments. By doing so, we show that we love God.

The Torah forbids that it be changed by adding or taking away from it. Each time people change the written Torah, they create their own religious system more or less similar to it.


Sabbath is a part of the Law – the Torah. It is the time from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. It is the last day of God’s week.

It is the holy day – separated by God as a day of rest and assembly for the people of God.

It commemorates the Creation and the seventh day – The Rest of God.

Sabbath was observed both by Yeshua and His disciples.

The Feasts of Jehovah – moedim

Jehovah commands us in His Word to observe such feasts as: Passover, the feast of Unleavened Bread and Shavuot – the feast of Weeks, which are the spring Feasts and the feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the feast of Tabernacles, which are the autumn Feasts.

All of these feasts, moedim in Hebrew, or times appointed by Jehovah, were or will be fulfilled by the person and work of Yeshua.

Other feasts, such as “Christmas” or “Easter”, etc. are not biblically justified and are rooted in pagan feasts and customs.

Both the Sabbaths and Feasts of Jehovah were kept by Israel in the Old Testament, and also by the Assemblies of Israel in the Renewed Covenant.


The House of Judah – the Jews – are people descended from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and part of the Levites.

They live today mostly in unbelief in the person and work of Yeshua. The Bible calls them the branches cut off from the olive tree.

It is thanks to the Jews who believed in Yeshua, that the Gospel began to be preached. Yeshua and all of His apostles were Jews.

We owe the existence of the Tanakh – the Scriptures of the Old Covenant to the Jews. The Word promises that in the end they will also believe in Yeshua and will be saved.

When the House of Israel, that lives scattered among the nations, together with other gentiles enter in full number, then the time of salvation will come for the House of Judah. And so, all Israel will be saved.

The Gospel

The Gospel was preached to the twelve tribes of Israel during their slavery in Egypt. Jehovah gave them freedom, the Covenant, the Torah – the Commandments and the land. Unfortunately, Israel broke the Covenant, didn’t observe the Torah and was exiled from the land after receiving the Letter of Divorce.

After the resurrection of Yeshua, the Good News is preached to the sheep lost from the House of Israel, that are scattered today all over the earth and mixed with other nations, to the pagans and to the House of Judah – the Jews.

The Good News is that, thanks to what Yeshua did, they can return to or enter the Covenant with God, and inherit all the promises Jehovah gave to Abraham, including the promise of the land.

The Gospel is preached everywhere because the House of Israel was dispersed among every nation.

The Gentiles are also grafted into Israel through their faith in Yeshua.

End Times

Prophecies which are being fulfilled before our eyes testify that we live in the end times.

We believe in the coming of the Great Tribulation or Jacob’s labor pains, the appearance of the Anti Messiah appearance, the second coming of Yeshua, the Messiah, the first resurrection and the capture of believers for the Lamb’s Wedding, the Second Exodus – the return of the believing Israel, living nowadays in dispersion, to the Land of Israel, the Millennial Kingdom.

We believe in the victory of Yeshua, the Messiah, in the battle of Armageddon, the second resurrection of all people for the Great Judgment after the Millennial Kingdom and in the establishment of the new Heaven and new Earth.

At the end of times sin, death, Satan and everyone who serves him will be thrown into the Fiery Lake.

After death

The death of a man is a consequence of sin and is unavoidable. There is no reincarnation. The body, which is from dust, dies during death. The spirit and soul, invisible and eternal, go to the place of their destination: to hades, grave.

There is no purgatory.

In the hades, grave spirits and souls of saved people wait for the first resurrection to eternal life with God, when they will receive new spiritual bodies. They also wait for the Judgment, when believers will receive rewards for good works.

People who died not believing in Yeshua, wait for the second resurrection and the Great Judgment. Jehovah will judge them according to His Law. Negative judgment means eternal condemnation, separation from God’s presence and being thrown into the Fiery lake.

People who are living cannot and should not contact dead people.

There are no people in Heaven today except the Twenty-Four Elders, who were resurrected together with Yeshua.