11 September, the President of the European Parliament, German Martin Schulz, threatened countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic which don`t agree for dictating the number of Muslim immigrants! He said: Europe of ultranationalists, if it wins, it will be their Europe, not only in this matter but in many other also. We need a spirit of European community. And if necessary it must be imposed by force.

Faymann, the chancellor of Austria suggests sanctions for UE countries opposing obligatory amounts for immigrants. He proposed to reduce structural funds for the resistant.

New York Times when writing about problem of immigrants speaks of Eastern European countries: Their attitude- reflecting the mixture of right- wing extremist movements, nationalist, racism, religious prejudices, and also economical arguments (…) is the latest evidence for maintenance of strong political and cultural divisions between the East and West of Europe.

NYT said that in contrast to western countries of Europe, which have long history of acceptance immigrants from different cultures, former communist countries are very homogenous, for example Poland is white in 98% and Catholic in 94%.

In the 30s of the twentieth century one Germany chancellor hooked on Poland also, and then he announced that there is a necessity for Germany to impose their plans by force on us, Europe and the world. In fact, this chancellor was Austrian. And Austrian nation invited German Nazism with contentment and cooperated with German nation to fulfill its assumptions precisely. Crews of concentration camps mostly consisted of Austrians. After war they pretended to be the first victims of Hitler.

One thing that Germany unfortunately managed to accomplish was a destruction of multicultural, multinational Republic of Poland. They completely annihilated centuries-old civilization of the Polish Jews! Could it be because of this that they want to bring Muslims instead of them? 3 million Muslims for 3 million Jews?

Jews were our choice. Arab Muslims are the choice of the Western Europe.

Rossevelt, the American president agreed with Stalin to make postwar Poland ethnically homogenous. It wasn`t our choice! Multiculturalism and multilateralism were our choice through ages.

The Republic of Poland was never ethnically homogenous!

We are so because of Germans, Russians, Americans. The Republic of Poland was always an ethnically and nationally diverse country. It consisted of Polish people, Jews, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans, Armenians, Scots, just to list only the largest groups. It was always religiously diverse- the Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews and the biggest surprise for a man from NYT- the Muslims!

Yes, the Polish Tartars lived in the XIV century in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and from the XVII in the Crown. They have been living in Poland till today. Loyal to their homeland through ages. They fought in the ranks of Polish army like every Polish man. Today they are very negative towards islamic radicalism.

Can this journalist from NYT, not knowing history, prove that Western Europe countries have longer tradition of receiving immigrants than we have?! Our tradition has a few centuries. Western Europe tradition -50 years.

The Republic of Poland has a much longer tradition of receiving and assimilation of other cultures and nations than USA even exists! But American journalist doesn`t know it. He writes to such poorly educated people as he is and they just swallow it. Shame.

This journalist makes Poland an excuse because of receiving 12 thousand of immigrants, whereas USA have only taken 1,5 thousand! But Americans just have it in their tradition. They didn`t receive ships with Jews running away from Europe before the war also. They have recently built a wall on the border with Mexico.

Israel will not receive anyone, but a man from NYT doesn`t point out on them and doesn`t say they are racists, nationalists of religiously biased. Double measure? He doesn`t have a grudge towards Arabic countries too. But he dislikes Eastern Europe.

Doesn`t he know who is responsible for unleashing wars in the Near East and problem we now have with immigrants? USA, some countries of the Western Europe and some Arabic countries are guilty of this. But not countries of the Eastern Europe. It is not us who had colonies on those territories, through which we were enriched and it is not us who use natural resources from those areas such as petroleum. Let those who made this mass take the responsibility.

I don`t want to write about continuous allegations that 20 million of Polish people live abroad and how much money the UE has just given to Poland. Let the UE have nothing more to give Poland. Let Germany, at last, pay war reparations for destruction of my country, because they have never done it. They settled with Jews, but not with Polish people.

If they don`t do it, they have no moral right to accuse Polish people for money we take from the UE. Once G. Grass told, that if Germany indeed paid Poland compensation for war, they would live in poverty for a few generations. Let Polish politics finally begin to demand what belongs to us, like Jews did one day.

Now the proper part of my comment. What does the Word of God, Torah speaks about it? It gives us light and shows what to do.

Do not oppress an alien; you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt, Ex. 23:9.

When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am Yehovah, your God. Lev. 23:22.

But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, those you allow to remain will become barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will give you trouble in the land where you will live. Numbers 33:55.

Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take him into your house or welcome him. Anyone who welcomes him shares in his wicked work. 2 John 9-11.

The Word teaches us to bring and help aliens. But question is: who is this alien? Is it a thief? Is it a murderer? Is it someone who wants to hurt me? Do we have to receive all without exception? Don`t we have right to check them? Do we have to provide a lifetime maintenance for someone who is an immigrant and doesn`t want to work?

Well, there are people we should keep away from our homes and countries. If we don`t do it, we will suffer and it will only be our fault. An alien is someone who with humility receives rights of a home or a country and keeps them.

Like Ruth the Moabitess; she told Naomi- your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth didn`t come to Bethlehem to sit on social, although she had experienced trauma because of her husband`s death. Instead, she came and started to work! The Bible clearly teaches that he who doesn`t work, also shouldn`t eat. Lifelong support of immigrants is a complete stupidity and doesn`t agree with teaching of the Word.

God orders to leave olives on our field for an alien so that he can come and reap the harvest for himself. We are not to give them money. They have to earn themselves for it! We give them opportunity to do it. This is the instruction of Torah.

People who are familiar with islam tell that Muslim who takes social, treats it as a tax for infidels, to which he has right ! Naive people think that they help someone who will repay good, but the opposite side has a different opinion. They are taught so by their imams. That`s why when they arrive to Europe, they seek to settle down in a country- as they say-the most tolerant, but in fact country which will give them the best life at the expense of infidels. Muslims are the biggest leisured group in Europe today!

Are people arriving to Europe today really refugees- should we take them? In Poland it is easy to answer this question. When I imagine, for example, a Jewish family in 1942 in Poland- if someone had offered them a piece of house and a little bread to eat, they would have taken it with great thanks. They knew what the war and persecutions were and what does it mean to flee from them.

When we see pictures of the supposed refugees, who throw bottles of water, who behave aggressively, cry Allahu akbar, move from one country to another because they expect better money, they are very demanding, and don`t receive help with gratitude- than we know they are immigrants, not refugees.

How many dormant terrorist are among them, only God knows. Receiving such people without verification is a total stupidity. And blackmailing others to bring them is unacceptable. If Germany wants to be islamic Caliphate -it is their choice. However they don`t have the right to force others to do it. No one lets people to his house who don`t respect him and the governing law.

Everyone could become the citizen of the Republic of Poland. The condition was to honor and respect its law. There is no place for people who come to inforce their own law. Let all defenders of so-called multiculti consider it. Are rights of Muslim women living in Europe respected? And why not, if they live in tolerant Europe?

The apostle John admonishes not to admit to house someone who brings false teaching and of course potential terrorists and destroyers.

The richest people come to Europe today. We are to spend most of money on them. And what about those who inhabit camps in Turkey or Lebanon? They do not have money. They are the poor. We remember how Jewish poor people died in Poland and no one interceded for them. Is it righteous?

Experts say that it is much cheaper to help those people in their dwelling place. For the same money, several times larger amount of people can be helped. Why are people allowed to arrive and cross the borders of the UE with impunity, and even as Germany did, they are invited here. It is not only about admitting 160 thousand of people. But they will be followed by their families and others, and Europe won`t stand them. If we are to help somebody, it should be done so that it won`t kill us.

Germany needs hands to work today and want to kill two birds with one stone. They want to show the world they are so altruistic and good. And they want to throw the whole evil at other countries, particularly of the Eastern Europe.

Polish institutions ought to pay more attention and money on presenting the other, proper version of history to the western world. If not, then the articles of a man from NYT or German and Austrian appeals will fall on good soil, because people of the west have no idea about the real history. I know it from autopsy, because I often teach such people and give them the true facts they are shocked with.

My advice for the Polish politicians: stop counting on alliance with the west and calculating that if we don`t help them now, they won`t help us sometime too. They will not help us in both cases. The hope for Poland is to return to observe the Law of God, cessation of idolatry of Mary, alignment of inequities and social injustice. Then Jehovah Himself will be our ally! And He can do everything!

Europe was created by Israeli tribes and other people living here. Whether they like it or not, their thinking, even if they are atheists now, was programmed by the Word for centuries and generations. Europeans do not have mentality either Muslim or Buddhist. That`s why they have built what they have built despite many differences.

If Israel in Europe doesn`t wake up on time in the matter of who they are and of duty to keep the Law of God, they will be judged by God again. And Muslim terrorists, they brought to their countries, can be an instrument of God`s judgment over unbelieving Israel –barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides, (Numbers 33:55).